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Welcome to the Nourishing Expert’s blog.

I am Lavanya, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), a brand new blogger, a decent chef and a mother of two demanding boys. I have been planning to share my ideas through my blog for some time now, but life, as healthy as it was, still got in the way. Looks like November is my lucky month to start and finally, I am here with my first blog.

Through my blog, I want to share simple ideas about clean and healthy eating. If the past 20 years have taught me anything, it’s this: that healthy eating is simple and doable, but many of us complicate by associating our eating with what may be popular or what our state of craving at a given moment. It’s this slippery slope that gives us a feeling of magical satisfaction that we must be most aware of if we are to eat to stay healthy and happy. Come along on my journey to stay abreast of the cutting edge science while experiencing the magic of wholesome, healthy, and spiritually uplifting food.

Before we move on, a little about me.
Growing up surrounded by farmlands and abundant seasonal food right from their sources, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the wholesomeness of the culinary experience where ingredients were fresh and members of the family participated in some way, shape, or form in the coming together of that experience. My grandfather’s words, “Health is wealth”, still ring in my ears, and I now know that his attention to what he ate and how created his health. A man who lived well past the age of 93 with no significant medical problems, could not have done it without being mindful of himself, his surroundings, and his meticulous habits, of which food was a principal part. My foundation to practice healthy eating was laid when I was very young and it’s that passion that has led me to pursue my education and share my insights along the way.

I welcome your comments and suggestions, and hope we have mutually beneficial conversations here at Nourishing Expert!