group nutrition

Group Wellness Services Galore

Nourishing expert provides a variety of nutrition topics for group up to 10. Audience will be provided with cutting edge, evidence based practical solutions towards life style modifications in an interactive environment.


Basic Package Information

All  packages include the following bundle of services  (with exception to Family Nutrition package):

    • Basic nutrition course which covers topics specific to nutrient requirements for that age group/medical condition, challenges on how to obtain them from diet and meeting the macro and micro nutrient recommendations
    • Educational handouts to take home
    • Meal planning tips and ideas
    • Healthy snack ideas
    • Learn portion control
    • Read food Labels
    • Physical activity guidelines
    • Supplement recommendations
    • Quick, easy , healthy one-pot recipes
    • Fast food guide and more
    • Meeting key nutrients while following a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free diet