Meal Plans

Are you tired of investing a lot of time planning, buying and preparing food but at the end, can’t keep up with your busy schedule and end up eating fast food? Or are you like many others who at 5:00pm start thinking “What’s for dinner tonight”? Let me help simplify this task for you and tailor a plan about what to eat, what to buy and how to prepare a healthy meal.

We have menus for all health conditions listed below and more..

  • Avoid red meat? Not a problem. Multiple other options available
  • Going Gluten-free? That’s OK. We have Gluten-Free menus
  • Looking for Low Carb? We have it
  • Vegetarian/Vegan? We got you covered
  • Heart Healthy/Anti-Inflammatory/Cancer-preventive? We have them
  • IBS/FODMAPS? Yes, we have them for you
  • New to cooking? No worries, you can select recipes by cooking skill
  • Planning for a family of five or just enough for a single person? Any family size is fine
  • Looking for variety in the menus? We have more than 3,000 recipes
  • Eating lunches out next week? Easily remove lunch from the sample menus
  • Need specific macro/micro-nutrients? You got them all
  • Want to try different recipes – Easily swap for your favorite recipe

Enjoy the benefits of professional guidance and personalized touch when you plan meals with me:

Eat Love’s meal planning platform provides over 1 million meal combinations that are customized to your dietary needs and preferences.

  • Instantly generated meal plans based on your diet, allergies/avoidances, food preferences, cooking skill, work schedule and health conditions
  • Optimized grocery list, auto-scaled based on household size with leftovers
  • Recipes with complete calorie, macro and micronutrient data
  • Tracking of patient activity and engagement
  • Ability to avoid 20 of the most common food allergies
  • Roadmap to success with clear check in points
  • Provides motivation, support and guidance to help you execute your Nutrition Prescription day-to-day, week-to-week
  • Eliminates stress and complexity around meal times
  • Engaging meal variety with tasty, tested, vetted and expert-curated recipes
  • Creates real long-term change in how you plan, prepare and shop for meals, cascading into lifestyle and behavioral health improvements
  • My goal is to help you establish lifelong healthy eating habits

All packages provide you the following benefits:

  • Online access to personalized meal plans
  • Easy to follow recipes, grocery lists with optional ingredient doorstep delivery
  • Step-by-step prep schedules, plus support and guidance from your dietitian

Not interested in a package? Feel free to purchase a 60-minute coaching session “a la carte”. Maintenance Plans are also available to ensure results and success.