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Harsha Gopal

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I had a balanced lifestyle where I have incorporated some exercise, diet and outdoor/indoor games along with some unhealthy habits. Things will catch up with age and that is what happened to me.

It all started off slowly with acid reflux, a burning sensation in esophagus and frequent burps which was causing heartburn. I brushed it off initially by consuming cold milk and it worked. It started causing discomfort frequently and that is when I was suggested Omeprazole by PCP. It was an instant relief with a daily dose of tablet. It also came with other side effects of bloating. What I did not understand was that it was making my gut weak, was getting addicted and was feeling uncomfortable if I missed a dosage.

My Hemoglobin A1C results were varying between the pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes range. PCP highly recommended to start the medication with no further delay. I was reluctant to take medication and was not willing to start the medication since it will only treat the symptoms and not solve the issue at the root level. I worked on controlling the numbers with exercise and my own convenient diet. I did observe that none of the results changed. In addition to that, my cholesterol level got messed up. PCP suggested starting statin medication as well. List of medications started to increase as one thing led to another.

Time to consult a nutritionist who can look at the results, understand and jot down a plan, not to just bring the numbers down, but also who can keep me in check with my discipline on diet and exercise.

I was referred to Lavanya by a friend who had really good success working with her. I underwent Mediator release test (MRT) and Cellular micronutrient Assay test (CMA). MRT results are very straightforward which shows the reaction level of several types of food and chemicals. The results appear to be easily understandable since they are marked with Green, Yellow and Red but can be tricky and you will need a dietitian well versed in this area to decode these results for a better outcome. CMA test provides the level of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and other nutrients with percentage of sufficiency or insufficiency.

After analyzing the results, I was provided a diet program to be followed for the first 4 weeks. It’s a detox program to repair and heal your gut by removing inflammatory and reactive foods.

Things changed in less than 4 weeks. I felt more energetic and stopped all the medications. Most importantly, an awareness was created, and I watch what I eat. My endurance level has gone up and I can run, bike, and play tennis for more than 90 minutes. I have gone back 10 years and have started lifting weights and getting stronger both mentally and physically.

Thank you Lavanya Kethamukkala for your help.