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I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2019 and have been following a gluten-free diet. I have been suffering from gas, bloating, constipation, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, daytime sleepiness and lack of energy in spite of following a strict gluten free diet. My symptoms never resolved. I was getting worried as I feel I was managing just my symptoms with medications, but never knew what the root cause was. My emotional health also took a toll due to my celiac disease. I have seen couple of nutritionists in the past and followed their recommendations but my symptoms continued and I did not achieve desired results.

I have heard of Lavanya Kethamukkala from a friend of mine and contacted her to discuss my health concerns. She spent a lot of time listening to my health concerns, reviewed my medical history, labs, medications and considered all the other parameters before suggesting the Food Sensitivity testing (The LEAP MRT test). This was a game changer in my life as I discovered foods that I am sensitive to. I have been eating these foods all along not knowing how they were affecting/worsening my celiac disease. No wonder my symptoms did not resolve even after following a strict gluten-free diet. Lavanya explained to me very clearly the process of Immunocalm diet and why eliminating reactive foods for a period of time is helpful to rest my immune system and how a gradual reintroduction is important to get rid of my symptoms for good. I will complete the LEAP program in December of 2020. My symptoms have resolved more than 90% already and I feel great. My emotional health is much better and I have more energy.  My aches and pains in my right upper back, that I usually complain of, though not at a level that I need a medication also disappeared. My doctor is very impressed with my overall health. This wouldn’t have been possible without her help and support. I can’t thank Lavanya Kethamukkala enough for her continued support, commitment and guidance at every step during this program to help achieve my desired results.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking help to set right their health and improve their “Quality of Life”.