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I had always had an issue with certain foods but I could never pin point exactly what food, was it the red wine? Was it the eggs? I had no idea, I just knew that I would suffer after I ate certain foods. A friend told me about the MRT test and I started to do some research. I found Lavanya on Health profs. This was honestly the best thing I have done for my health. Lavanya took a detailed history of my diet, reviewed family history and labs, discussed stress, sleep and my schedule to assess if I would be able to follow the LEAP protocol. I was then given the MRT blood draw kit which tests for 160 foods and chemicals. I could not wait for the results to come in. Once I received the results, I knew the next month would be tough but worth it! The results are very comprehensive, detailed and neatly laid out. I will say that the first month is not easy but your health is worth it. Lavanya was amazing she was with me every step of the way by appointment or calls. I learned so much, foods that I ate regularly were causing inflammation in my body foods that I did not expect. With the help of Lavanya, I feel like a different person. I am so thankful for her knowledge and expertise and for all the wonderful support along the way! Do something for your health today, reach out to Lavanya and get the MRT testing done!

You will be so happy that you did and you will love Lavanya!