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Phani Akella

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I want to share my HS story and how I improved from having low energy levels, poor gut health, nutrient deficiencies and regular use of antibiotics to the point where I am able to successfully manage home, kids and also my business.

I had hidradenitis under both arms for over 12 years. The condition usually starts with a single, painful lump under the skin that persists for weeks or months. More bumps may form later, usually in areas where more sweat and oil glands are present. Some bumps or sores get bigger, break open and drain pus with an odor. I visited dermatologists at Stanford and Duke and was prescribed antibiotics on and off for over a decade. My gut health suffered and I developed a whole bunch of nutrient deficiencies. My energy levels were always low and I constantly felt sick and had a delayed recovery even with a minor cough or cold. My stress was off the roof, not knowing when I would get another HS flare up. I just couldn’t figure out which foods were not agreeing with me. I had always hoped for a better long-term solution and decided not to pursue antibiotics any longer.

My friend recommended that I consult with Lavanya and explain my health in detail. She gave very positive feedback on how Lavanya helped her couple of friends with Psoriasis and severe acid reflux issues felt better with nutrition and lifestyle changes by following her recommendations. Lavanya ran the LEAP MRT and a Cellular Micronutrient Assay ( CMA). She then custom tailored a meal plan and provided good supplements to repair and heal my gut and fill the nutrient gaps. She walked hand-in-hand with me the entire time I was following the diet. It has been 9 months since I completed the LEAP program and my HS has been under very good control. I understand HS can only be managed and cannot be cured. So, I continue to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat wholesome food and continue to follow-up with Lavanya from time to time to keep my HS under a good check.

Thank you Lavanya