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I’ve been experiencing significant pain in the joints of my fingers, and at times they become so stiff that I’m unable to move them or make a fist for 3-4 days or longer. I found it challenging to perform everyday tasks such as opening the lid of a milk bottle or even a ziplock bag, holding a spoon, etc., due to my finger joint pain and stiffness.

Prior to meeting Lavanya, I consulted with a rheumatology specialist and underwent X-rays to review my situation, but unfortunately, it didn’t provide any helpful insights and I was told it is related to inflammation.
They prescribed Voltaren gel for my arthritis pain, and while it provided temporary relief, it was not a long-term solution. I started the LEAP MRT diet program with Lavanya. This diet begins with cleansing the gut through the removal of trigger foods and allowing consumption of low reactive foods based on my test results. She introduced additional food items into my diet depending on my tolerance and closely monitoring my food and symptom journal.
The plan was – If the additional food items do not cause any pain, I will continue to eat them, otherwise, I will eliminate them from my diet to challenge them at a later time.

And guess what, within a week or two, I noticed a significant change. The good news was, I experienced no pain in my finger joints, and they were fully functional. I could perform all my daily chores without assistance and without any pain. I regained smooth movement in my fingers and returned to my normal life.
Lavanya also ran the Cellular Micronutrient Assay as I had ongoing low levels of Iron, Vit B12, Vitamin D and probably nutrient deficiencies which were never properly addressed. I was thoroughly guided on meeting these nutrients both from food and supplements as needed.

It has been over 6 months since I graduated with the LEAP diet. I continue healthy diet and lifestyle recommendations put forth for me and continue to follow-up with Lavanya from time to time.
A big thank you to Lavanya.