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I waited three years during the pandemic and went to have an annual physical exam after Covid. I was surprised that my cholesterol was at 260. My PCP immediately prescribed Cholesterol medicine (Statin). However, I wanted to change my lifestyle and reduce my cholesterol rather than start the medication. I am not big into taking medications right away. So I convinced my PCP to give me 3 months to work on my nutrition and lifestyle changes. I was told that if my cholesterol number doesn’t get better, I will have to start the Statin medication.

In this journey my friend recommended Lavanya and I started following her recommendations for food and exercise and overall lifestyle change. In three months my Cholesterol came down to 200. My PCP was happy and didn’t prescribe the medication anymore.

This is all possible due to Lavanya and her confidence in the process. I actually eat more than I used to with her diet but it is healthier. She is always there for you on her nutrition portal and responds to your enquiries right away and builds trust with you.

Now my son and husband are also working with her for different reasons. That’s the confidence I got after my experience and I also recommended her to a couple of my friends.