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Veronica Umphrey

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I have been a client of Ms. Kethamukkala for approximately 1.5 years. I have been diagnosed as diabetic for 6 months and was looking for a nutritional way to reverse the trend and numbers. I was recommended to Ms. Kethamukkala by my Primary Care Physician. When I did get the opportunity to meet with Ms. Kethamukkala, I was impressed with the plan that she developed for me and the attention to detail that she provided in my plan. She recommended a healthier meal plan and also gave me good advice on exercising. When I initially met with Ms. Kethamukkala back in November 2019, my A1C was 8.8. After I began implementing the meal plan and exercising as she recommended, my A1C dropped to 7.1! I now feel that I have more stamina since implementing her plan and also I gone from 10,000 steps per day to 13,000 steps per day. Additionally, I have gone from the ability of walking one mile per day to walking four miles daily. Finally, I am a Blue Cross Blue Shield member and her services are covered by my medical insurance so the out-of-pocket cost to me is zero dollars! I am pleased that my physician referred me to Ms. Kethamukkala!