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Before I started my gut healing journey with Lavanya, I had been suffering from acid reflux for about 5 months. It was getting worse and the PPI’s were not helping. Constipation was also a lingering problem and remained unsolved despite many efforts. I had lower abdominal aches and I was afraid to eat. At this point I had lost about 20 pounds and was becoming malnourished. My husband had suggested I get a registered dietitian, and after some searching, we found Lavanya.
Ever since working with Lavanya, I have become so much more aware and knowledgeable about how to help my body get the best nourishment. I’ve learned about my eating habits and how small, incremental changes can lead to big results. The LEAP MRT diet program and the addition of the Cellular Micronutrient Assay was a game changer in my life. The LEAP MRT helps rule out inflammatory and reactive foods and Lavanya provided a “ Immuno-calm” diet plan based on my test results. Lavanya is super understanding, warm, patient, and knowledgeable. She created a safe space for me to talk through all my concerns and provided solid guidance.
She also provided targeted supplement and nutrition recommendations to meet my low Iron, B12 and other nutrient deficiencies. The goals we set together were very manageable and she explained how the changes will impact my body for the better. I have since been gaining weight and have minimal acid reflux symptoms. I would recommend her without hesitation to friend’s, colleagues and family members who might be seeking nutrition counseling.