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In order to address patients’ nutritional needs at the functional cellular level we have developed three assays that can provide patients with comprehensive information regarding nutrient insufficiencies, overall antioxidant function, and antioxidants that may be particularly beneficial.

DUTCH Test ( Dried Urine Test For Comprehensive Hormones)

Just 4 dried urine samples can give your healthcare provider the most information about your hormones.

Whether you are fighting fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, depression, poor sexual function, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, hormone imbalance- the DUTCH test can be your answer.

Designs for Health

NEW Designs for Health Metabolomics Spotlight™
NEW Designs for Health GI Spotlight™
NEW Designs for Health Genomic Spotlight™

A Food sensitivity test to identify your inflammatory response to commonly consumed 170 foods and chemicals based on the MRT III Technology

Assess your true risk for heart disease. Understand the link between lipoproteins, inflammation, and your immune system.

Why is it important to know lipoprotein numbers?
Cholesterol has historically been used as the standard indicator for cardiovascular disease, often being classified as “good” (HDL) or “bad” (LDL). Studies have found that it is actually the lipoprotein particles that carry the cholesterol throughout the blood, not the cholesterol within them, that are responsible for key steps in plaque formation and the development of cardiovascular disease. The small, dense, cholesterol-depleted particles impart the highest risk, as does a higher number of these lipoproteins. Standard cholesterol testing does not tell us enough about the particle types—or subgroups—of each of these LDL and HDL families; therefore, it misses the earliest opportunity to prevent adverse cardiovascular events, when it’s easiest to treat.