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Nourishing Expert is pleased to offer “Virtual Nutrition Care,” also known as Telehealth, through a HIPAA-compliant secure platform (Healthie), catering to the hundreds of busy clients seeking assistance in modifying their eating habits and leading healthier lives. Our aim is to provide professional nutrition coaching, counseling, guidance, and support to help you establish healthy eating habits at any stage of your health and wellness journey.

Virtual nutrition care offers all the benefits of in-person nutrition counseling and more, including:

Convenience: Connect from the comfort of your home, workplace (even during lunch breaks), or while traveling.

Accessibility: Whether you reside in a small rural community with limited access to nutrition care or a bustling urban area with traffic and long commutes to appointments, virtual care brings quality nutrition services directly to you, wherever you are.

Affordability and Flexibility: – Choose from one, two, or multiple sessions (45 or 60 minutes per session) based on your schedule, budget, and availability.

Accountability and Engagement – Enjoy numerous benefits and receive biweekly/weekly/monthly coaching and counseling, along with continuous support featuring unlimited access to Healthie (depending on the selected package).

These benefits include:

  • Photo food logging, journaling, and goal setting.
  • Real-time feedback and accountability with provider comments on photos.
  • Tracking of individual client metrics, activities, and goals.
  • Secure messaging for client-provider communication between sessions.
  • Video consultations and on-the-go appointment scheduling.
  • Integration of wearable device activities, such as Fitbit. Personalized handouts for clients.
  • Document sharing for recipes, exercises, and lifestyle recommendations.

High-quality video chat integration without the need for a separate app. Access via web or mobile (iOS and Android) platforms. Screen sharing capabilities during video counseling. Scheduling with automatic appointment reminders.